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A great place to start if you’re new to Waldorf

Lots of you have asked me to recommend Waldorf books This is my all-time, heart-bursting, favorite for families who are new to a Waldorf lifestyle and want to explore how Waldorf traditions and rhythms can fit into their family It’s for families who have kids in the early childhood range
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Who says Waldorf students don't learn how to code?

"Knitting instructions are largely binary [and] read just like regular expressions [of code], used for string matching and manipulation."
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How color is used through Waldorf campuses

Charles Andrade, a parent and Lazure painter, talks about the powerful use of color throughout the WSRF campus, how the colors reflect the Waldorf pedagogy and how the colors meet the child at their developmental stages.
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It looks like old-fashioned recess!

“It looks like old-fashioned recess, but once a week, schools like Eagle Elementary are throwing open their doors open an hour early and giving kids the run of the place. Adults keep their distance, letting them tear through the halls, jump, shake, send things flying.”
Wooden train

If you're buying gifts for children, go simple

If you're buying gifts for children, go simple. "The more we know about early brain development, the more we understand the need for play that is based on human interaction," Dr. Healey said. "There is no screen, video game or app that can replace the relationships built over toys." ~From a recent report by the American Academy of Pediatrics #fosterimagination #waldorfworks #screenfreechildhood

Peace Talks, Episode 1: Alan Mulligan, Grade 3 Teacher

Listen in to hear why Alan Mulligan believes in our school and what he hopes for within education, and most importantly, Waldorf education. Consider supporting Peace Valley today for Giving Tuesday!
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RSVP if attending the Parent Meeting: Help our Garden Grow!

The meeting is Nov. 15th at 6:30pm. Please RSVP to Andrew Ross so we can have enough pizza for everybody!
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Parent Meeting: Help Our Garden Grow!

We will be discussing the school garden master plan, integration of the garden into the curriculum, and volunteer opportunities within this project. Additionally, we will also be kicking off a HUGE new fundraiser for our school that requires very little student involvement and could potentially raise a large sum of money for us!
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