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Vote in the Family Council Election

Voting for the initial members of the Family Council will be held Thursday and Friday this week.
Board Training

ISBA Board Training




Ms Amanda McGhee with here 2nd Grade Teacher Ms. Dayle Miller, Peace Talks #2

Peace Talks, Episode 2: Ms. Amanda McGee Grade 2

Our second episode of Peace Talks feathers 2nd Grade Teacher Ms. Amanda McGee. She is interviewed by here very own 2nd Grade Teacher, Ms. Dayle Miller. Enjoy!
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Parents must surrender their point of view that there's someting wrong

‘Parents must surrender their point of view that there’s something wrong with the child and see that it’s the relationship that’s in trouble and the child’s behaviour is just a function of that We must stop trying to control the child’s behaviour” Instead, the parent must have the confidence to know the child really needs unconditional acceptance by a nurturing adult, says Maté He points to Neufeld’s words: ‘Parents have to know that they are a child’s best bet at any age’
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A great place to start if you’re new to Waldorf

Lots of you have asked me to recommend Waldorf books This is my all-time, heart-bursting, favorite for families who are new to a Waldorf lifestyle and want to explore how Waldorf traditions and rhythms can fit into their family It’s for families who have kids in the early childhood range
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Who says Waldorf students don't learn how to code?

"Knitting instructions are largely binary [and] read just like regular expressions [of code], used for string matching and manipulation."
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How color is used through Waldorf campuses

Charles Andrade, a parent and Lazure painter, talks about the powerful use of color throughout the WSRF campus, how the colors reflect the Waldorf pedagogy and how the colors meet the child at their developmental stages.
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It looks like old-fashioned recess!

“It looks like old-fashioned recess, but once a week, schools like Eagle Elementary are throwing open their doors open an hour early and giving kids the run of the place. Adults keep their distance, letting them tear through the halls, jump, shake, send things flying.”