Faculty and Teaching Staff

The Peace Valley Faculty serves the school in many ways and is dedicated to bringing the children a living experience of Waldorf education. The faculty meets every Thursday after school as sections and then together for common study, broadening their understanding of current educational challenges and practices, and for developing a greater perception of children and their needs.

Peace Valley faculty members are also active in the administrative and committee life of the school. Faculty committees and pedagogical sections meet and include: Early Childhood, Lower School, Middle School and Subject class sections, Educational Support Circle, Social Health Group, Community, Festivals, Parent Enrichment, Hiring, Personnel, and Teacher Support.


Stefanie Crowley

Kindergarten Full Day Teacher


Belén Guillen

Kindergarten: Spanish, Morning Half Day


Cara Sherburne

Kindergarten: Afternoon, Half Day


Sita Chiang

First Grade Teacher


Joel Huettig

First Grade Teacher


Heather Elliott

Second Grade Teacher


Amanda McGee

Second Grade Teacher


Alan Mulligan

Third Grade Teacher


Maison O'Neill

Third Grade Teacher


Vicki Foshay

Fourth Grade Teacher


Jeanine Mahle

Fifth Grade Teacher


Hope DeCuir

Sixth Grade Teacher


Laureen Scheid

Special Education Assistant


Fanny Burki

Educational Assistant


Ruth Bucklin

Eurythmy Teacher/Pedagogical Support


Jenna Englebreit

Foreign Language Instructor - Spanish


Vicki Rannow

Special Education Teacher


Anna Cournoyer

Paraprofessional, Special Education

English Dutch French German Italian Portuguese Russian Spanish