Peace Valley Charter School will open in September, 2018. 

Lottery Application period has ended.
You may add your name to the waiting list which will be added to the bottom of the final selection list for the appropriate grade.



Waiting List

You may add your child to the waiting list. If space becomes available you will be contacted.


Waiting List Application




How the Lottery Works

The number of applications for all grades Kindergarten through 6th exceeds the school's enrollment capacity for this year, so enrollment will go to a lottery. The lottery will be held at 1:30pm on Wednesday, January 17th at the Cole and Ustick Library. 

The Idaho Legislature established the lottery process for charter school admission in Idaho Code Statute 33-5206. Please review this state statute for details regarding the lottery process.

Offers for Enrollment

All students who secure placement will receive an email and/or phone call from Peace Valley providing an "Offer for Enrollment". Offers for enrollment must be accepted, via email or phone within 48 hours. If no response is received by the deadline, the student’s name will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list for their priority group. Students who do not secure placement during the lottery will have their lottery confirmation number placed on the waiting list which will be published on our webpage. If space becomes available those on the waiting list will be contacted in order.

Students running down a trail

"Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who are able, of themselves, to impart purpose and direction to their lives."
  - Rudolf Steiner

Proposed Location and Attendance Area

This map depicts our primary area of attendance. Transportation service will be provided within the attendance area at designated locations. The proposed location is 1845 S Federal Way, Boise, Idaho 83705. 

The N.W. corner begins at Eagle Rd. and State Highway 44 / State St. Following State St. east to Highway 55 then following 55 north to connect to Hill Rd. The boundary follows Hill Rd. southeast to N. Pierce Park Ln. and includes the residential streets just north of Hill Rd., W. Summer Hill Dr., W. Autumnwood St., and W. Wintergard St. The boundary follows N. Pierce Park Rd. that changes into and continues westward as N. Cartwright Rd. The boundary continues southwest and will include the residential side roads that jettison from Cartwright Rd. nearing N. Bogus Basin Rd. as follows, N. Blue Wing Pl., W. El Pelar Dr., N. Sanada Way, N. La Mesita Way, W. Tequila St., N. La Fontana Way, and La Fontana Way. The boundary follows N. Cartwright Rd. south to N. Bogus Basin Rd. then turns southeast to follow W. Curling Dr. The boundary then turns briefly west to wind through Cashmere Rd., south onto N. Widden St., then east onto W. Highland View Dr. After the street turns into N. 15th St., the boundary turns southeast onto Hill Rd. After Hill Rd. changes to N. 13th St., the boundary will turn east onto W. Lemp St, then south briefly onto N. 8th St., then east again onto N. 7th St. The boundary will turn briefly east onto W. Alturas St. before turning south onto N. 6th St., then southeast onto W. Fort St. The road will change into E. Fort St., then turn southeast onto E. Jefferson St. This road will turn into E. McKinley St., then the boundary will briefly turn south into N. Maple Ave., then east onto Hillview Dr., then again onto Bacon Dr., then once again onto E. Warm Springs Ave. This road will change into E. Barber Dr., then the boundary will turn south onto N. Harris Ranch Rd, and then once again east onto E. Warm Springs Ave until connecting with Highway 21. Heading west on Highway 21 the boundary follows I-84 northwest until the S. Orchard St. exit to continue onto W. Victory Rd. The boundary continues to S. Cole Rd. and turns south to W. Desert Ave. This continues west to S. Maple Grove Rd., continues south to E. Lake Hazel Rd. then west to S. Eagle Rd. to create the southwest corner of the boundary. Eagle Rd. is the western boundary that connects to State Highway 44 / State St. to complete the boundary.

Boundaries defined by residential streets will include addresses on both sides of the road also to include future addresses that are built on said roads. Higher capacity roads and highways listed will act as a boundary only, not to include residences outside of the overall encompassed attendance area.