Peace Valley Charter School is organized as an Idaho nonprofit corporation and is authorized by the Idaho Public Charter School Commission.

Pursuant to its bylaws, a Governance Board governs Peace Valley. In addition, the Governing Board includes the Executive Director and Business Administrator as ex officio members, bringing the current total to eleven.

The Governance Board believes that Peace Valley's ability to carry out its mission and meet its goals depends on the Board's ability to provide strategic direction, select and support strong school leaders, and ensure its financial stability.


The Governing Council

J. Burgoon

Jo Burgoon

Acting President

J. Hopper

Jackie Hopper

Interim Treasurer

R. Bucklin

Ruth Bucklin

Council Member

M. Cabaltera

Meir Cabaltera

Council Member

K. Carr

Kristyn Carr

Council Member

J. Ellsworth

Jamie Ellsworth

Council Member

E. McDonald

Eric McDonald

Council Member


L. Henning

Laura Henning de Zavaleta

Founder/Executive Director



The Governing Council's has many oversight areas. One of its key responsibilities is to ensure that Peace Valley is meeting and/or exceeding the benchmarks and goals established throughout its charter. The Governing Council gives final approval to all personnel, budget, and policy decisions and ensures that the schools' practices are consistent with its vision and mission. The operational procedures are defined in the bylaw.

The Council's functions include:

  • Overseeing that the school’s program and operation are faithful to the terms of its charter, bylaws, policies, and its mission statement;
  • Adopting policies that further clarify and assist in maintaining Peace Valley's Mission and Educational Program;
  • Ensuring the success of the school’s academic programs. All Peace Valley academic programs are evaluated and reviewed annually by the Council. Evaluations are used to determine the effectiveness of the programs and provide direction for improvements;
  • Ensuring that the school is financially solvent by planning and budgeting to meet the school’s goals;
  • Hiring the Executive Director and evaluating their performance yearly;
  • Approving the hiring and termination of staff;
  • Evaluating the school’s effectiveness by monitoring staff, parent, and student perspectives.
  • Creating, serving on, and appointing people to necessary committees;
  • Developing strategic planning and approving short and long-term goals;
  • Overseeing marketing and fundraising activities
  • Providing Council orientation to all new members, which includes the introduction to the school and curriculum, classroom visits, and a binder of policies and information.


Board Meetings:

  • May 8, Hillcrest Library, 6-9pm
  • June 12, Hillcrest Library, 6-9pm

Budget Hearing: June 26, Hillcrest Library, 6-9pm

Meeting Schedule

The Council meets on a monthly basis throughout the year and is an open public meeting. In accordance with the Idaho Open Meetings Law, all Governing Council meeting dates, agenda and minutes will be posted on Peace Valley's website and electronic calendar. Specific dates, times and locations may vary, but all will be updated on the calendar.

Past Meetings