Jeanine Mahle

Pedagogical Coach / Art Teacher

Ms. Jeanine Mahle grew up in Sacramento, California, where she graduated from Sacramento Waldorf School after completing K-12th grade. The daughter of a Rudolf Steiner College art teacher and a German gymnast, she was raised in a bilingual, Anthroposophical household.  Her parents instilled in her the importance of curiosity for the world and its people, by way of conversations around the home as well as extensive travel to places as diverse as India, Peru, Greece, Israel, Egypt, and Jordan, to name a few. This interest drove her to pursue and earn a Bachelors of Arts degree in Anthropology/Sociology and International Relations from Ursinus College.

In 2006, Ms. Mahle served as a Cultural Anthropologist in Ethiopia, Africa while working in a deployed field environment. Her research involved ascertaining the value and cultural relativity of the Emergency Medical Program, which sought to aid malnourished children and pregnant and lactating women. Upon returning to the states, she submitted a report of research and was able to provide recommendations to better this program.

After graduating in 2007, Ms. Mahle embarked on a career as an archeologist. She worked at a number of locations within the United States, including Nevada, Mississippi, Montana, Washington, Illinois, Wyoming, and Utah. This work was often in conjunction with Native American tribes, in order to identify and locate both prehistoric and historic habitation sites and artifacts. The breadth of her work encompassed not only the location and protection of artifacts but also extended to coordinating and training teams; in the process, she conducted multiple excavations and cataloged hundreds of historic and prehistoric artifacts.  

2010 found Ms. Mahle working at Aurora Waldorf School, assisting a classroom teacher, helping faculty do inner work via art, as well as developing and re-structuring curriculum for a special needs student. In 2014, Ms. Mahle returned to her geographic and educational roots when she took over a class at the beginning of their seventh-grade year, and successfully graduated them in 2016. Ms. Mahle circled back to take a first grade class at the beginning of the following school year, and subsequently relocated to San Diego, California. She has found her teaching experience to be incredibly enriching, expanding her understanding of both human development, as well as Waldorf education and the communities that nurture that education. She is now moving into the public school realm and is thrilled to be joining the faculty at Peace Valley. She looks forward to getting to know the Fifth-grade class as well as the community.

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