Fanny Burki

Special Education Paraprofessional

Fanny was born in the mountains of Switzerland where she spent the first 28 years of her life. From a young age, nature, animals and particularly horses have been her passion. At age 23, she became a child educator and worked in a day nursery in a beautiful town in Switzerland facing the Alps. The Waldorf philosophy being very present in her home country, Fanny read many books on the subject.

Due to a work opportunity, Fanny and her husband left for London, where they founded a family. In England, Fanny trained as a Montessori teacher and enjoyed working in Montessori settings. She planned to train as a Waldorf teacher, but after 7 years in a city environment, Fanny and her family dreamed of the mountains and the beauty nature could offer.

When a job opportunity came along, making their dream come true, Fanny and her family packed and moved to Idaho with their rabbit, two horses and two dogs. Fanny feels very fortunate to continue her journey with Peace Valley Charter School.

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