April Governing Council Meeting

Hillcrest Library - Camas Room

This session is a public session for the purpose of conducting school business.

1. Opening of Meeting                                                                                                                          Vice-President
     a. Call Meeting to Order
     b. Roll Call
     c. Opening Verse
     d. Approval of Agenda
     e. Open Forum for Anyone Wishing to Speak to a Non-Agenda Item
     f.  Approval of Minutes for Meeting Held on March 13, 2018

2. Reports
     a. Vice-President’s Remarks
     b. Treasurer’s Report/Finance Committee
     c. Upcoming Events/Training Schedule
     d. Enrollment Update
     e. Foundation/Fundraising Update

3. Continuing Business                                                                                                                   Executive Director
     a. Lazure Painting Workshop/Mural (Action item)
     b. Lease of Adjacent Property (Action item)
     c. Teacher Training Contract (Action item)
     d. Teacher Hirings (Action item)

4. Call for Executive Session                                                                                                                Vice-President

Pursuant to Idaho Code Section 74-206(1) (a) To consider hiring a public officer, employee, staff member or agent, unless a vacancy in an elective office is being filled; (b) To consider the evaluation, dismissal or disciplining of, or to hear complaints or charges brought against, a public officer, employee, staff member, individual agent or public school student; and (c) To conduct deliberations concerning labor negotiations or to acquire an interest in real property which is not owned by a public agency.

5. Reconvene Public Session                                                                                                               Vice-President
     a. Take Action Necessary from Executive Session (Action Item)

6. Executive Director Q & A                                                                                                            Executive Director

7. Closing Verse                                                                                                                                    Vice-President

8. Adjournment: 9:00pm

The board holds regularly scheduled meetings on the second Tuesday of each month.

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