March Governing Council Meeting

Hillcrest Library - Camas Room

Board Members: Isaac Chavez (President), Jo Burgoon (Vice-President), Jackie Hopper (Treasurer), Kristyn Carr, Eric McDonald, Meir Cabaltera, Jamie Ellsworth, Ruth Bucklin, Ex-Officio - Laura Henning (Exec. Director)

This session is a public session for the purpose of conducting school business.

1. Opening of Meeting                                                                                                          President

     a. Call Meeting to Order

     b. Roll Call

     c. Opening Verse

     d. Approval of Agenda

     e. Open Forum for Anyone Wishing to Speak to a Non-Agenda Item

     f.  Approval of Minutes for Meeting Held on February 27, 2018


2. Reports

     a. President’s Remarks

     b. Treasurer’s Report

     c. Founding Family Status 

     d. Upcoming Events/Training Schedule

     e. Enrollment Procedures Update

     f. Teacher Training Plan                                                                                                    Ruth Bucklin


3. Continuing Business                                                                                                           Executive Director

     a. Lazure Painting Workshop/Mural (Action item)

     b. Foundation/Fundraising Update

     c. Hiring Process


4. Call for Executive Session                                                                                                  President

Pursuant to Idaho Code Section 74-206(1) (a) To consider hiring a public officer, employee, staff member or agent, unless a vacancy in an elective office is being filled; (b) To consider the evaluation, dismissal or disciplining of, or to hear complaints or charges brought against, a public officer, employee, staff member, individual agent or public school student; and (c) To conduct deliberations concerning labor negotiations or to acquire an interest in real property which is not owned by a public agency.


5. Reconvene Public Session                                                                                                 President

     a. Take Action Necessary from Executive Session (Action Item)


6. Executive Director Q & A                                                                                                    Executive Director


7. Closing Verse                                                                                                                       President


8. Adjournment: 9:00pm


The board holds regularly scheduled meetings on the second Tuesday of each month.

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