Lottery Application period has ended for this year. 


Waiting List

You may add your name to the waiting list which will be added to the bottom of the final selection list for the appropriate grade. We are accepting applications for all grades. 

You may add your child to the waiting list. If space becomes available between now and next year's lottery, you will be contacted.

Please know that the list often changes and it is in effect until next year's lottery. A spot can open up at any time. When space becomes available the spot will be offered according to the waitlist. 

Kindergarten students may apply for all three Kindergarten sections by filling out separate waitlist applications for each section. 

There are currently open spots for 5th and 6th grade. 

Apply for an open spot or to be on the waitlist for any grade with the link below. 

Waiting List Application


When a Student is Accepted, Required Registration Information will include:

  1. Online Enrollment Form: You will receive a link to this form when the offer of enrollment is made.
  2. Birth Certificate: A copy of your child’s state-issued birth certificate if you are registering for Kindergarten or your child is not currently enrolled in a public school.
  3. Proof of Residency: Options include driver’s license with current address, the first page of rental agreement/mortgage document, or a copy of utility bill with your current name and address.
  4. Immunization Record OR Idaho Immunization Exemption Form OR a Parent Statement: Parent statement must be signed and dated saying you are opting out of vaccines for your children on religious or other grounds. An immunization exemption for medical reasons must be signed by a physician licensed by the State Board of Medicine stating the physical condition of the child is such that all or any of the required immunizations would endanger the life or health of the child. The school is required, by law (see Idaho Code 39-4801), to have a statement regarding immunization exemption on file. Parents HAVE to provide a statement (or doctor’s note) in order to invoke their right to vaccine exemption. Kindergarteners have until July 1, 2018. All other students must be with this packet.
  5. Field Trip Release Form: Please print and return if you want your child to participate in off-campus activities.
  6. Request for Student Records Form: Print and return if your child is currently enrolled in a public or private school.
  7. Full Day Kindergarten Enrollment Fee: If your child is in Full Day Kindergarten, a $40 non-refundable commitment deposit is required to be paid within 5 days of your enrollment. (Monthly tuition is $275) 
  8. Annual Enrichment Donation Form: Each year, Peace Valley requests a voluntary Enrichment Donation for each student. The exact schedule is not yet set, but the donations will be used for day-long hikes, trips to nature centers, farms, retirement homes and much more. Donations will cover the costs of transportation, materials, and entrance-fees, for which state funding is not available. Thank you for your voluntary participation and for making these important extra-curricular experiences possible for our students. Field trips will be planned for all students, using the enrichment donations.

MAIL (please do not email) a copy of the following documents and/or checks postmarked within 5 days to:

Peace Valley Enrollment
1845 S Federal Way
Boise ID, 83705
Make checks payable to: Peace Valley Charter


Students running down a trail

"Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who are able, of themselves, to impart purpose and direction to their lives."
  - Rudolf Steiner

Location and Attendance Area

This map depicts our primary area of attendance. Transportation service will be provided within the attendance area at designated locations. The school is located at 1845 S Federal Way, Boise, Idaho 83705. 

The N.W. corner begins at Eagle Rd. and State Highway 44 / State St. Following State St. east to Highway 55 then following 55 north to connect to Hill Rd. The boundary follows Hill Rd. southeast to N. Pierce Park Ln. and includes the residential streets just north of Hill Rd., W. Summer Hill Dr., W. Autumnwood St., and W. Wintergard St. The boundary follows N. Pierce Park Rd. that changes into and continues westward as N. Cartwright Rd. The boundary continues southwest and will include the residential side roads that jettison from Cartwright Rd. nearing N. Bogus Basin Rd. as follows, N. Blue Wing Pl., W. El Pelar Dr., N. Sanada Way, N. La Mesita Way, W. Tequila St., N. La Fontana Way, and La Fontana Way. The boundary follows N. Cartwright Rd. south to N. Bogus Basin Rd. then turns southeast to follow W. Curling Dr. The boundary then turns briefly west to wind through Cashmere Rd., south onto N. Widden St., then east onto W. Highland View Dr. After the street turns into N. 15th St., the boundary turns southeast onto Hill Rd. After Hill Rd. changes to N. 13th St., the boundary will turn east onto W. Lemp St, then south briefly onto N. 8th St., then east again onto N. 7th St. The boundary will turn briefly east onto W. Alturas St. before turning south onto N. 6th St., then southeast onto W. Fort St. The road will change into E. Fort St., then turn southeast onto E. Jefferson St. This road will turn into E. McKinley St., then the boundary will briefly turn south into N. Maple Ave., then east onto Hillview Dr., then again onto Bacon Dr., then once again onto E. Warm Springs Ave. This road will change into E. Barber Dr., then the boundary will turn south onto N. Harris Ranch Rd, and then once again east onto E. Warm Springs Ave until connecting with Highway 21. Heading west on Highway 21 the boundary follows I-84 northwest until the S. Orchard St. exit to continue onto W. Victory Rd. The boundary continues to S. Cole Rd. and turns south to W. Desert Ave. This continues west to S. Maple Grove Rd., continues south to E. Lake Hazel Rd. then west to S. Eagle Rd. to create the southwest corner of the boundary. Eagle Rd. is the western boundary that connects to State Highway 44 / State St. to complete the boundary.

Boundaries defined by residential streets will include addresses on both sides of the road also to include future addresses that are built on said roads. Higher capacity roads and highways listed will act as a boundary only, not to include residences outside of the overall encompassed attendance area.