Aftercare Coordinator

The Aftercare Coordinator offers children a warm, safe environment after regular school hours, facilitates movement indoors and out, and prepares a healthy snack and supports Enrichment Programs.

Responsibilities for the children

  • Plan for and create snacks for a multi-aged group
  • Plan age-appropriate activities
  • Maintain copies of emergency information for food allergies and any other health information applying to students enrolled in the program.
  • Consult with parents and teachers to meet student’s needs

Program Organization

  • Purchase art and craft supplies and submit receipts and remain within budget
  • Do any laundry and either make repairs associated with the program or inform supervisor
  • Prepare and clean up aftercare space(s)
  • Keep attendance on a monthly roster and send to business manager for billing as needed
  • Communicate regularly with colleagues to address concerns regarding children or space
  • Responsible for identifying and training a substitute in the event of an absence
  • Coordinate regular enrichment activities (scheduling, registration etc.)

Responsibilities to parents:

  • Interact with parents with honesty, courtesy, warmth, and professionalism
  • Write letters to update families when and if the need arises

Skills and knowledge:
Knowledge of the developmental needs of children is required. An understanding of Waldorf Pedagogy is preferred.

Two year minimum of experience working with children ages 5-13 in a group setting.

Required Competencies:

  • Composure – responds to information and situations in a self-controlled manner
  • Approachability – puts others at ease and shows receptivity to message being delivered
  • Listening – gives attention to the speaker, shows interest and responds to information or questions as appropriate
  • Humor – uses appropriate humor to maintain a positive environment
  • Adaptability – flexible style, possesses the ability to change or be changed to fit circumstances, adjusts with ease
  • Ethics and Integrity – possess a strong set of core values and beliefs consistent with social, ethical, and organizational principles


  • Ability to work artistically and creatively.
  • Collaborative with an understanding of consensus decision-making.
  • Interest in self-development of skills that support the early childhood curriculum and good working relations.

The aftercare director works Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 3:15 – 6:00 PM, and Thursday and Friday from 12:45 - 6 PM, following Peace Valley Charter academic calendar. Additional hours for meetings, prep, and administrative tasks for the program will be agreed upon prior to beginning. Additional hours for break camps would also be available.

Starts $14-15/hour

An evaluation of the Aftercare Coordinator and program will be conducted by the school administration.

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