Behavior Support Specialist - 25 hours a week


Provide and coordinate accommodations in the classroom for students, particularly those who exhibit significant problematic behaviors as well as those students with developmental or learning needs; performs related work as required.

Primary Function The primary function of an employee in this class is to support students as they develop skills needed to succeed in the school environment. Student needs vary significantly, ranging from severe behavioral issues and/or learning difficulties to students with developmental needs, including self-help and impaired social and cognitive functioning. A Behavior Support Specialist may serve as a rover. The work is performed under the supervision of a supervising teacher, special education teacher, principal and/or school psychologist. The duties are performed school wide, depending on student needs.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities (will vary by position)
• Provide direct assistance to elementary school students with behavioral issues, emotional and physical needs;
• Provide systematically collected data on student performance and behavior to supervising teacher and Behavior Support Specialist supervisor;
• Implement behavior plan for individual students;
• Assist teachers in implementing IEP or other educational plans;
• Provide appropriate behavior support for prevention and management of behavioral problems;
• Provide academic support to teachers and students which may include attending classes, taking notes on assignments, completing schoolwork, studying for exams and completing tests;
• Interact regularly with teachers to clarify assignments, discuss student issues, and maintain dialogue about student’s progress;
• Provide feedback to supervising teacher concerning student performance and behavior;
• Carry out interventions designed by the school team;
• Complete appropriate district forms related to severe behavioral problems;
• Assist students in all school settings, including school grounds, lunchroom, hallway, parking lot and any other area that requires monitoring;
• Maintain student and District confidentiality;
• Perform all work duties and activities in accordance with District policies, procedures and safety practices.

Other Duties and Responsibilities
• Work with small groups of students to improve academic and behavioral performance;
• Provide support for the development of pro-social skills to students under the direction of the school team and Behavior Support Specialist supervisor;
• Assist students with personal needs including toileting, feeding, transferring or assistance with special needs equipment or apparatus;
• Perform other related duties as required.

Behavior Support Specialist - 25 hours a week, 1 position 

Classification Requirements: Knowledge of:
• Child development and behavioral modification techniques;
• School and District rules, codes, standards, and expected student behaviors;
• Basic educational procedures and objectives, including classroom instruction and presentation, preparation of teaching materials and aids, behavior management and modification, testing and grading, tutoring, and student-teacher relations and interactions;
• Basic special education methods and procedures for dealing with students with moderate to severe physical, emotional, and/or learning disabilities;
• Operation of classroom instructional equipment.

Ability to:
• Follow written and oral instructions and observe District policies and procedures;
• Demonstrate patience in working with students of varying abilities and disabilities;
• Prepare, maintain, and present required reports, records, and documentation;
• Work effectively with students of varied backgrounds and abilities;
• Maintain a calm personal demeanor and remain focused in situations of high stress;
• Maintain student and District confidentiality;
• Operate classroom and standard office equipment, including a personal computer using programs appropriate to assigned duties;
• Establish and maintain effective working relationships with students, teachers and staff members, and other District personnel;
• Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing;
• Receive, understand and maintain a certification in CPR and first aid training.

Acceptable Experience and Training
• High school diploma or GED equivalency; and

• Forty-eight (48) college credits or an Associate’s Degree or successful completion of the ETS paraprofessional Praxis; Bachelor’s degree preferred and
• Continued education in child development or social services field preferred; and
• Experience working with individuals with challenging behaviors in a classroom is preferred;


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