Arts and Nature Based Education

Member of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education

Peace Valley Charter School has answered the call from families across the Treasure Valley for a free public school guided by the Core Principles of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education.

Member of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education


Whole Child Education

Each child is seen as an individual, and educated in rhythm with their own unique physical, mental and emotional development. Our curriculum is designed to develop your child’s capacities for physical well-being, social depth and creative free thinking.


Arts-Based Learning

Movement and expression fill our school. Teachers infuse academics with singing, painting, handwork, movement, drawing, musical instruments, storytelling, drama and dance. The arts are not a separate activity, but interwoven with instruction.


Connection to Nature

We incorporate sustainable living practices, environmental stewardship, and experiential learning through outdoor experiences, animal husbandry, and gardening skills.


Building Global Citizens

Learning a foreign language is not just an academic exercise but a gateway to understanding human beings who are different from us, with their own individuality and experiences of daily life.

What's Happening

Image from a previous open house.

Enrolling Students and Birth Certificates

Only students enrolling in KINDERGARTEN or children who have been HOMESCHOOLED or from PRIVATE schools will need to submit a birth certificate to Peace Valley when enrolling.

Children coloring

Waitlist Posted

The wait list has been posted online. If your child is on the wait list you should also have received email notification.
Lottery Draw Order

Lottery Update

We received 564 applications for 320 spaces. We are working through the offers for enrollment as fast as we can, but it is a meticulous job and it will take us time to send out offers by email and/or phone.
Drawing of grade levels

Lottery Drawing Underway

The lottery drawing has begun.

The initial drawing for the order in which grades will be selected has taken place.

Still shot from video segment

Waldorf School coming to the Treasure Valley

Channel 7 ran a story on Peace Valley, our teaching philosophy and upcoming lottery
Child weaving

A short video to introduce our school

After years of effort by lots of local families, the Treasure Valley is seeing its first Waldorf school open

Upcoming Events


Feb Open House Postponed


We are moving this Open House to several dates in March. We will be able to host them in our new facility and provide information on calendar, schedule, Parent Handbook and more.


Governing Council Meeting

Hillcrest Library - Camas Room

March Governing Council Meeting

Hillcrest Library - Camas Room

Open House

Library! at Cole and Ustick

Learn more about Peace Valley and the core principles of Public Waldorf Education. There will be a presentation at the beginning and a question and answer period after.


April Governing Council Meeting

Hillcrest Library - Camas Room

The Trail Ahead

Peace Valley Charter School will open as a free public school in the autumn of 2018. We have been approved to initially offer enrollment in grades K-6. Middle school grades will be added each year until we offer full K-8 education.

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